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margaret weigel

encaustic paintings & fine crafts * boston, ma

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Ah, another twisted house, this one spewing  something black and noxious out of the chimney.  I am very fond of this piece.  The house is loosely modeled on the ranch style house I grew up in.   Send me a picture of your childhood house, and I’ll do a piece that reveals its inner horrors.


The dream of escape, even when you’re trapped in a cage. Notice that the cage is empty.  It still has its own power, though, and a pair of wings to take its occupant to unknown destinations.

The cage is composed out of black thread (I love black thread as well as the color orange.) The thread gives the cage some heft; a good thing, since the encaustic’s pretty chunky here.

I have this fetish with houses; you’ll see.  I’m working on a piece now that looks like a city boulevard in some very, very strange land.

I’ll be here with Bethany Ericson, studio mate at the posh Boston Ave. digs.  Bethany will be exhibiting her enchanting tufted monster/mermaid/bear/ etc. felt ornaments; I’ll have six wreaths for sale — three made out of green plastic soldier men, two broken pottery wreaths (very sharp!), and one made from a crumpled Financial Times from the first day of the financial crash in ’08…