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margaret weigel

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Water bottles, some kind of plastic connecting device, and a package of Kools.  Yep, sounds like a telecom worksite, alright.

I made many mandalas.  Many, many mandalas.  And while, five years later, I still like them and think they’re clever, they’re a bit too smooth and calculated-looking for me today.


I’m a big recycler, and this particular mandala is primarily composed of images of discarded water bottles and plastic bags.  I am fond of the colors in this one.

One of the things about this work was having people play “spot the object”.  “Oh, look, it’s a water bottle!”  sigh.

Can I name art or what?!  this is one of my favorites from the digital “mandalas” series I produced for a couple of years starting in 2003.  True story:  I was so bored at my graphic design job that I had to think of something to do to look busy during the long stretches between beatings.

This bad boy was giclee printed on some gorgeous paper and currently hangs in my basement, forlornly, looking to be elsewhere.

Alas, one of my first non-digital collages fell apart.  Those ‘circles’ were for my Viewmaster; I think it was the Viewmaster retelling of the Disney story “One of my Dinosaurs is Missing.”

I’m a big fan of this one.  How often can you use a green like this?? 1/2 digital and half cut paper.  It was included in the inaugural show for the Center for Arts at the Armory, the fabulous art space in Somerville, MA, back in 2009?  2008?  Oy, my brain.  It still hangs there, in a spot right when you walk in, to the left.  Say hi to Allen for me.

Another one of those “1/2 digital & 1/2 layered paper” productions.  Can’t you hear the roar of the crowd as the Rapture is upon them?  I can.

This one was included in Tufts University’s Annual Show in 2009.  I think they were surprised to learn that it was a straight-off-the-computer digital print. : /  I spoke about it to a modest crowd during “Tufts Days” that summer.  Someone asked about the image of the baby in the background.  Another pointed to the head of an elephant.  Well, OK, then!  It just goes to show you a). art is what you make of it, and b). collage is AWESOME.  I still love it and try to embrace it with my current work whenever I can, but I’m pretty cheap and hate wasting materials when something doesn’t work out.  haha.