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margaret weigel

encaustic paintings & fine crafts * boston, ma

Many thanks to Jeff Carvalho of Selectism for posting an image of my soldier wreath on the site.  The wreaths are one of a kind, handmade by yours truly, and are a steal for $90-$120 apiece plus shipping and handling, depending on the size of the wreath and any customized specifications you request.

If you’re looking to get a wreath by Christmas, act fast!  I am currently working on a few existing backorders and could probably manage to produce a few more in the next week or so.  Fair warning:  express shipping charges are *nasty.*

If your timeframe is more flexible, I’m currently taking orders for 2011; contact me at margaretweigel (at) gmail (dot) com and let’s talk.  While soldier army wreaths are a perfect give for the end of year holidays, consider surprising your loved one with a wreath for Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving… the list is endless.  The perfect gift for the little boy in all of us.


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