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margaret weigel

encaustic paintings & fine crafts * boston, ma

Well, I’m still exhausted — if happily so — after yesterday’s Bizarre Bazaar.  Bethany and I both sold a fair amount of merch, saw friends, checked out the work of our fellow participants.  A couple of quick takeaways:

— it seems that BB is less about unique, handcrafted stuff, but an alternate (smaller) ‘craft economy’.  Not art, not craft, but multiples of the same items.  Cute as they were, it was difficult to ascertain the craft beyond the design in some of these.  Were they manufactured in China?  Hard to tell; they might’ve been.

— Folks were fascinated by the encaustic work.  But there was very little art for sale here.  Most stuff was silk-screen/mass produced (see above). No crime in that, it’s just apples and oranges.

— People LOVED the soldier wreaths.  I can’t recall how many people stopped and pointed, with wonderment, or did a double-take, and dragged their friends over to take a closer look.  I sold out of the wreaths I had on hand, and am currently working on one to finish in time for Xmas. Very gratifying.

— Should I outsource the production of my wreaths to China?  I can totally see poorly-paid workers in dimly-lit factories gluing soldier upon soldier, passing out from the fumes… : )


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