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margaret weigel

encaustic paintings & fine crafts * boston, ma



I will color correct later.  I will not share with you the drama of getting my phone’s gallery to talk to my Mac.  Oy.

This was built from an antique plate owned, and at some point broken, by my dear pal Amanda.  It used to be her mother’s.  The whole idea behind this wreath is twofold; to reflect the ‘potterry’ or things broken in a less than tranquil domestic setting, and how we still try to reassemble the pieces.  It may come out looking totally different, but it’s still OK.  So in a sense, it’s a romantic piece, despite all the very sharp edges.  It also weights A TON.

I have another ‘broken pottery’ wreath, the second one a more Xmas-y color theme (white, green, red); both will be on sale at the Bizarre Bazaar this weekend.  Get’em before I break them and build something different out of the pieces.


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